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Will Panama Have a New International Airport in the Interior?

There has been many talks about adding an international aiport in the interior of Panama. Initially hotel operators and resort developers had approached the heads of state to rehabilitate the already built but not active airport in Rio Hato. This airport which has the capacity to accommodate large jetliners would be an ideal location for international flights to service since it would be very close to many beach resorts including Playa Blanca beach resort, Decameron Hotel and Casino, Buenaventura among others. This aiport is located at approximately 2 hours car ride from the city but it would be an ideal location for international flights, thus allowing visitors to arrive panama and be in the beaches or playing golf in no time.

One of the issues that has kept this airport from being facilitated is the fact that the management at these resorts does not actually wish to have the airport built right over their resorts, thus causing too much noise. Together they have been studying possibilities of other areas to locate an international airport in the interior of Panama. One ideal area would be in the Cocle Region which includes two potential areas, one being Anton the other Penonome.

In a recent article published in El Siglo mentions that hotel operators in the area are asking government officials to rehabilitate the airport in Rio Hato but they also talk about the possibilities of rehabilitating other airports close by such as is the case in Penonome or Anton. This would mean that these areas would receive and additional influx of tourists to these areas which hold many interesting tourist attractions as well as investment opportunities. The region of Cocle offers very rich and fertile land which represents a great attraction for farmer and cattle raising. Some great cattle farms are available in these areas of Cocle such as this 66 Hectare farm in La Martillada complete with great pastures, water tanks and river running through the property which you can view here: Cattle Farm or others located in the area of El Valle de Anton at 990 meters above sea level Las Minas , these areas have some very beautiful farms for all types of investors, some with large rivers full of Sargento fish or Tilapias.

The rehabilitation of an international aiport in the Cocle Region in Penonome or Anton would be a great addition to this country. Not only would it be a great access for foreigners wishing to visit the beach areas of Farallon but it would bring more tourists and investors further towards the Costa Rica border and expose the Cocle Region to many visitors.

Taken from: http://panamarealestates.wordpress.com/2007/10/10/will-panama-have-a-new-international-airport-in-the-interior/

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